Kotor 2 influence guide

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 features a ton of freedom when it comes to player choices. There are a few spoilers ahead so consider yourself warned. On Nar Shaddaa the main character dukes it out with the Exchange. You can also add two to three more companions to your party. Upon returning to the Ebon Hawk for the first time you can encounter Visas and add her to your party. While this happens regardless of the planet you pick, we are trying to maximize the number of companions you have.

You are able to fully complete HK on Nar Shadda as well. He is probably one of the best ranged attackers in the game and has a ton of great dialogue. Finally, depending on whether you are going light side or dark side, you get Mira or Hanharr respectively. Here comes the big spoiler — you can also turn Atton into a Jedi on Nar Shaddaa!

kotor 2 influence guide

Make sure your influence is already high with him, you can do this in a few different places on Nar Shaddaa. Healing the sick man in the refugee sector or enlisting his help in repairing the Airspeeder are two big ways. Completing this planet next is crucial because you can get another companion, Mandalore. How fast you finish the jungle moon also influences how fast you get the follow-up mission later in the game. Between Nar Shaddaa and Dxun, the player unlocks a lot of content and companion possibilities.

Dantooine is where the player gets a special, character-specific crystal for their lightsaber. There are also a ton of other crystals in the cave the player may find useful as upgrades for their lightsaber depending on their playstyle and what other crystals they found throughout the games.

If the player has opted to play a female character, you are also able to pick up the final companion you were missing — Mical, the disciple. Male characters get the Handmaiden, females get the disciple. While there is not much for the player to gain here, it is useful to get as high a level as you can for the upcoming fights on Korriban and the eventual final fight.

Korriban is, in my opinion, best saved for last. With the return of Darth Sion and the hallucination caves, the storyline really starts hitting its climax right before the ultimate final ending. Onderon Part 2 really reveals the sith and Korriban is a great final way to begin the final part of the game. However, it should be noted that Onderon Part 2 and Korriban can be switched if the player feels that the civil war is a better lead up to the final planet.

Home Uncategorized. Nar Shaddaa.The original game, however, was developed by a different company, BioWare. According to the game's producers, the change of developers was primarily due to BioWare's occupation with other titles, such as Jade Empire and Dragon Age.

BioWare is understood to have recommended Obsidian Entertainment as an alternative developer, having worked with many of Obsidian's key members when they were part of the now-defunct Black Isle Studios. Development of The Sith Lords began at approximately the same time that the original Knights of the Old Republic was released for the Xbox, on July 15 From the beginning, the production team had decided that the general atmosphere of the universe would be much darker than in Knights of the Old Republic and that the situation for the Jedi would be grim.

He began with determining what was considered fun in the gameplay elements and what kind of story would have to be developed to complement those elements.

To him, it was vital to understand what adventures had already been created, the parameters of the EU, and which bad ideas it was prudent to stay away from. Only then did he feel it was time to look at the overall vision of the project. The first phase involved distinguishing the character, or the hero's motivation, from player motivation and how the story would develop to integrate the two.

KotOR 2 - Kreia on the Influence of the Exile and Revan

In The Sith Lordsthe character was a disgraced veteran of the Mandalorian Wars who was the last known Jedi in the galaxy and the target of dark side assassins who were determined to eradicate all Jedi.

Certain circumstances had severed the hero's connection to the Forcebut the character was being given a chance to slowly regain that connection and rediscover what it meant to be a Jedi or Sith. The player motivation involved providing the teasers that would stimulate the player into wanting to continue the game and encourage the player to explore the story and locations fully.

For example, this could have been accomplished by revealing critical information, introducing a new companion or acquiring new special abilities. It was felt that each stage of the game should ask and answer the question "Why should the player care?

kotor 2 influence guide

The following phase involved devising the critical story points and filling in the story to link those points together. The purpose was to throw the player for a loop, but allow enough foreshadowing so that the player would stay interested. After the overall story had been developed, the game outline was divided up between the designers who would then go about filling in the details of their particular section of the storyline.

The development team also wanted to create a story that would pull the player into seriously thinking about the difference in using the Force for good and evil and the consequences of those actions. The game takes place approximately five years after the conclusion of the first game, and during the times of the Dark Warsand focuses on a mostly different set of characters.

The conclusion of the first game varied depending on the choices of the player, with either the light side or dark side of the Force emerging triumphant—at the beginning of The Sith Lordsplayers specify which of these outcomes they wish the sequel to follow.

Regardless of how the original game ended, however, the beginning of The Sith Lords sees the Sith having almost completely destroyed the Jedi Order.

Among the characters who join the main character are Kreiawho acts as a mentor to the Exile; Miraa bounty hunter she only joins if the player is light-side aligned on Nar Shaddaa ; Hanharra Wookiee bounty hunter he joins only if the player is dark-side aligned on Nar Shaddaa ; Atton Randa former elite operative for the Sith during the Jedi Civil War who turned to smuggling after leaving the Sith, having found out that he was Force-sensitive Atton is the love interest of a female Exile ; Bao-Dura Zabrak engineer ; Briannaan Echani Handmaiden she only joins if the Exile is male and is one of the two love interests of a male Exile ; Micala former Jedi Initiate turned historian another love interest for a female Exile ; Visas Marra Miraluka Dark Jedi apprentice to Darth Nihilus she is the other love interest of a male Exile ; and G0-T0an interrogation droid.

Several characters featured in the first game are also brought into this sequel, and a few can join the main character's party: T3-M4an astromech droid ; HKan assassin droid ; and Canderous Ordo as Mandalore the Preservera Mandalorian.

Enemies include Darth Siona Sith Lord with a shattered body, held together with the Force and Darth Nihilusa being of hunger that fed on Force-sensitive energy. Korriban and Dantooinewhich also appeared in the original KotORare also revisited. The Ebon Hawkthe ship used by the main character in the first game, once again is the main method of transportation.

It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded.This page is a stub. Help us expand itand you get a cookie. You start at 50 Influence with every member of your party, and it can be gained or lost normally 8 points at a time until you reach a floor of 0 or a ceiling of Gaining or losing sufficient influence can unlock further dialog or grant bonuses, either to you or your party member or both.

When you perform a cunning action, priority of influence is given to any member of your party present for the first time, starting with Hanharr:. When you perform a psychotic action, priority of influence is given to any member of your party present for the first time, starting with Kreia:. You can also gain influence with other members of your party as you lose influence with her, even some with whom you normally lose influence due to a psychotic action:.

Once both members of your party have been present for a psychotic action, priority of influence is given to the following:. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Help expand it This page is a stub. Peragus II. Telos: Citadel Station. Lost Jedi. Ebon Hawk. Nar Shaddaa. Master of the Palace. Malachor V. Atton Bao-Dur. Disciple G0-T0. Handmaiden Hanharr. HK Kreia.

Mandalore Mira. T3-M4 Visas. Body Robes Light armor Medium armor Heavy armor. Ranged weapons Blaster pistols Blaster rifles Melee weapons Lightsabers. Inventory Useable Miscellaneous Grenades Mines. Upgrade items Armor Ranged Melee Lightsaber.

Hidden categories: Stubs Sub-pages. This page was last edited on 18 Marchat This page has been accessed 38, times. Navigation menu. Hanharr: Are you so weak that you must use cunning to triumph? And what would you have done? I'll show you weak, beast. Hanharr: It is what the Ryyk blade is for. No, but I enjoy the variety.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Hmminteresting View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Dont know of a mod or console commands but i use this printed guide to follow which helped me alot. Last edited by MR.

Mansen View Profile View Posts. Yes and no - You need to progress through their dialogue to be able to "convert" them, which relies on having some amount of influence with them in the first place.

Can you increase it? Sure - Easy to do in seconds with the KSE savegame editor. Sja View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Hmminteresting Last edited by Sja ; 6 Aug, am. I'd love if there was a way to see their level of influence.

That would be really helpful. As for knowing what to do to raise their influence there's always this: If you know a big conversation is coming, usually, they're triggered by you, so you know you can manually save your game. Then go through the conversation and see what happens. If you lose influence points, you can reload your saved game redo the conversation.

It's tedious, but it can be rewarding. Kaigen View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 6 Aug, am.One of the key components in "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II" is the Influence system, where players may gain sway over other characters and, in some cases, train them to become powerful Jedi warriors.

The Handmaiden is one of the more elusive characters to work with. She joins your party as a Soldier and, for many players, remains one throughout the game. If you know the steps involved, however, you can transform her into a Jedi Guardian. The Handmaiden will become either a Jedi or a Dark Jedi, depending on what type of character you are playing.

Increase your Influence over the Handmaiden by engaging her in conversation. Consult an Influence Guide to see what dialogue choices will increase your Influence level most see Resources. Engage the Handmaiden in dialogue when you see her training in the cargo hold. Convince her to spar with you and win the match. You must have reached at least level 10 to spar with her for the first time.

Put on clothes or armor and speak with her. In the ensuing dialogue, convince her to put clothes on.

How to Make the Handmaiden a Jedi in "Knights of the Old Republic II"

She will don a Jedi robe. Speak with her about the robe and she will reveal it belonged to her mother, a Jedi. Win a second sparring match against her. You must have reached at least level 14 to spar with her a second time. Defeat the Handmaiden in a third sparring match. You must have reached at least level 18 to spar with her a third time.

You can find the Handmaiden in the Telos Hidden Base; she will join you on the Ebon Hawk after you have completed the area. She will only join your party if you are playing a male character. Do not talk to Visas before you have made the Handmaiden a Jedi.

The Handmaiden may become angry and refuse to speak with you. Speak with Visas only after the Handmaiden has accepted training.

Do not spar with the Handmaiden until you have reached your first planet. A glitch in the game may cause the sparring match to continue forever if you spar with her before this. After the cutscene in which the Handmaiden chooses to become a Jedi, you may suddenly find yourself stuck on Telos.

This is a glitch, as you are supposed to watch a cutscene that takes place on Telos, not transport there yourself. Reload the game and try again. Based in New Mexico, Carlos Soto has written video gaming and technology articles since By: Carlos Soto Updated September 15, Share It.

kotor 2 influence guide

Speak with Kiera. About the Author.I will, of course, give you full credit for your addition, and be eternally grateful to you. Email addresses are not posted in the guide, unless you specifically state that you want it to be. Everything is listed twice, sorted by Companion and by Location so you can see what companions to take where. Finally there is a list on the Dark Side "Hit List," which lists all the places you can kill innocents for influence changes.

This is mostly a guide to gaining Influence. Losing it is a lot easier, just tell people how useless they are, or disagree with them. This guide is a quick reference to point you in the right direction. Also, if your companion's influences get high enough, they stop gaining influence from Events such as those listed belowbut can still gain from dialogue options.

Finally, in situations where multiple people can gain Influence from a single situation only one of them will. He is a decent character with a good amount of skills, and combat abilities. Lowdown: Atton likes to be respected and taken seriously. He has trust issues, so almost every line that goes "I trust you" will be accepted. For Dark Siders, Atton will always gain Influence when you murder the innocent.

Just tell him that it was the right thing to do. Check out the Dark Side Hist List below for a list of people to whack. You can gain Influence with Kreia or Atton here by supporting either of their ideas.

But we have to keep moving.

How to Make the Handmaiden a Jedi in "Knights of the Old Republic II"

Talk to Atton about this once, quit the conversation. While talking to Atton about this, apologize to him to gain some influence. TE Whelan - Khoonda Area - Talk to the mechanic near the Ebon Hawk, ask him "why so busy" and follow that up with the [Awareness] line and the [Persuade] line to get him to tell you things.It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all. What is GOG. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Owned Free.

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